Guide in renting a car and getting an insurance

As with any insurance, we never expect to use it until we've to. When it involves hire car , there’s really no way of telling if you’re getting to need it or not — albeit you’re getting to drive through places you’re conversant in , you'll encounter unexpected situations.

As a general rule, we always recommend buying insurance because it eases the mind when driving a rental car, whether that's around your own city, country or abroad.

What you'll do, though, is check the coverage of your existing insurances. Sometimes your regular automobile insurance may cover third party damage for rental cars also , which suggests buying extra insurance from the rental company isn’t necessary.

Also know that, in most countries, the third party liability coverage is required by the law. However, in the US, the minimum coverage are often pretty low, which suggests that if you cause more damage than it covers, you’ll need to pay it yourself. That’s why some car rental companies offer supplemental insurance with higher coverage.

So if you are renting a car on your own, you must consider getting an insurance just to be safe. There are circumstances that you will not be able to use it but it is a good thing though because that means you are safe from any trouble or paying for damages.