Yuneec Mantis Q Drone- Innovative Multicopter And Camera System

Yuneec has pushed the constraints above and beyond electric aviation for more than 15 decades. In the very first commercially effective ready-to-fly fixed wing RC plane, to ground-breaking electrical aircraft and drone programs for industrial usage. 

Multicopter for industrial usage 

We provide a varied choice of drone versions for a broad array of industrial uses – from firing with a thermal camera that will assist you identify extinguish fire hotspots quicker to drone with a review camera to fly in a greater distance from an item. You can check the Yuneec Mantis Q review through

It is constructed for review, law enforcement, safety, construction, surveying, and mapping software as well as supplying cinematic imaging payload systems.

Professional drone for industrial usage 

Designed for review, regulation enforcement, safety, construction, surveying, and mapping software that need the greatest degrees of flight period, flexibility, and security, the H520 could be outfitted with an assortment of camera systems that are best for expert filming and photography.

Centimeter-level precision 

The commercial Hexacopter H520 receives one of the quickest and most dependable RTK systems on the planet.  Fully integrated into the H520, it guarantees the maximum precision and the quickest possible operational willingness even under tough GPS states like in towns, canyons, or woods.  

Co-engineered with Leica

The Typhoon H3 using the ION L1 Guru camera unites Yuneec's awarded drone technologies using Leica's outstanding camera technologies. The drone was specially designed for photographers and videographers who wish to rediscover the planet from over in a brand new appearance.