Top Five Pakistani Designers

Pakistani Designers has kept in pace with the latest trends and have contributed to the overall atmosphere of the designing industry. These designers are famous for their innovative nature and eye for detail. The designers work to suit the requirements of the clients and provide the best designs at competitive rates. This article provides the latest contemporary furniture and home accessories designed by these talented designers. If you wish to decorate your house, add value to your living room or enhance the looks of your office or lounge then you should definitely select a few of these most popular and elite designers.

These are some of the best interior designers from Pakistan. They offer designs ranging from contemporary furniture to traditional furniture. These talented interior designers use their skills and expertise to offer the customers with an awesome collection of furniture and home accessories. They make use of their experience and talent to offer a wide range of designs and products that can meet your requirements.

Ashraf Anand is a young and dynamic designer from Islamabad. He has carved a niche for himself as one of the most talented young designers in Pakistan. His designs are stylish and intricate. He is well known for his unique style and innovative approach. His home accessories are stylish and appealing and are extremely durable.

Tahir Chowdhry is another young designer from Islamabad. He is highly creative and has a unique style. He is focused on providing elegant and contemporary designs for interior and exterior home decoration. He believes in quality and has incorporated the finest craftsmanship in all his designs. He is an innovator and uses various modern techniques along with traditional methods to create different beautiful home furniture pieces.

If we talk about female designers then Karam Shah Al Khan, Noura Buttah and Rana Akbar is the perfect name. They are experts in interior decoration and home improvement. They have a unique and fascinating style and will add great grace and charm to your interiors. All their designs are rich in colors and textures and will please every eye.

All Pakistani designers are at par with the international standards. Their home furniture is not only affordable but durable and looks attractive at the same time. Interior designing in Pakistan has a very strong tradition and it’s a thriving industry. Many designers are inspired by their elders and they carry forward their traditions and skills to create high class home furniture.