Time Required by an Artist For Best Laser Tattoo Removal

For best laser tattoo removal one must look for the specialist as the procedure varies from person to person. Everyone is different like their tattoo. Because of this same reason, it is not possible to predict the exact number of treatment that a given tattoo will require for its complete removal. To remove a tattoo entirely, there is a lot of work to target the ink with several wavelengths of light over the course of your treatments. 

It is the reason why removing it is important to choose the right laser tattoo removal expert. One must always look for the capabilities of the laser tattoo removal and check which is the most advanced laser technology used and it not only ensures that removal is possible but also safe and efficient. One can opt for the best tattoo removal specialist via https://www.artofmedicinedirect.com/services/tattoo-removal/ 


Based on the experience one can say that most professional tattoos take around 6 to 12 sessions to remove completely – sometimes less, occasionally more. The reason for the broad range is that there are lots of factors to be taken into deliberation.

The number of the session needs to remove a tattoo depends primarily on the following factors:

  • Skin type
  • Tattoo layering (depends whether the tattoo touched up or covered up)
  • Location of the body where the tattoo is
  • Ink colours (plain black or vibrant colors were used)
  • Amount of ink applied (did the artist who did the working press hard to use lot of ink deep down the body or was it a gentle touch)
  • Type of ink applied (professional ink or homemade pigment)
  • Pre-existing scarring from the tattoo process (did you heal normally after the symbol was put or is it raised and scarred)
  • Immune system (are you healthy and fit and do your regular exercise well)
  • Tobacco use (if you are a tobacco user your immune system is busy fighting with foreign particles)

When you are removing a large or extra-large tattoo, it is often necessary to divide symbol into manageable sizes. Not only because of the sensation caused by the laser treatment but also because of the natural swelling which is the result of therapy.