Process of Dental Implants

Consultation: To begin the dental implantation process, you will receive a consultation from an implant specialist. Your general dentist may not be the one performing this consultation. Be sure to ask if they have experience in this process or not. You can search online to get the best treatment of dental implants from dental specialists.

Going to A Dentist for Dental Implants - Perkins Dental Care Baltimore Maryland

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There are several dentists who will perform the entire procedure including surgery. While it may seem easier to go to a one-stop dentist who will do everything yourself, it is not recommended unless you have professional experience not only in dentistry but also in the components of oral surgery required for successful implantation to be thoroughly examined.

Implant Site Preparation – Tooth Extraction and Bone Augmentation: The ultimate success of dental implants is highly dependent on the health of the patient and their jawbone prior to dental implant placement. 

Sufficient healthy bone is required to fully integrate the implant into the jawbone. Some patients, especially those who have not had teeth for years, may not have enough bone to support the implant. 

In such cases, an experienced professional can perform a bone graft procedure to build bone at the implant site. In this procedure, he takes healthy bone from another part of the body and inserts it into the jawbone. 

If removing bones from other parts of the body isn't an option, some other options include using carrion or beef bones. Depending on your specific case, you may also need to remove one or more existing teeth that are malfunctioning, damaged, or damaged to make room for the implant.

Placement of dental implants and replacement teeth: After preparation, an incision is made in the gums and the implant is surgically placed in the jawbone. Oral surgery is usually a quick and relatively painless procedure.