Find The Best PPC Tips For ECommerce Sites

I have been managing online marketing and advertising campaigns for many years. ECommerce sites are of particular interest to B2B sites to me for the simple fact that it is very easy to determine the efficacy of SEM (search engine marketing) efforts when there is a sales or conversion goal. 

I want to share some basic tips for small business owners who create or manage their best e-commerce PPC campaigns. It is not a recommendation to come from a Google Certified Advertising Partner, but rather an entrepreneur who knows what it takes to launch a successful eCommerce site from scratch and is successful! 

ecommerce ppc management

Have realistic expectations right from the start. If it was easier to sell products online just by launching PPC advertising, then every small business would be successful. 

The advantage of PPC advertising as far as SEM is concerned is the ability to target your ads to people searching for a similar product.

For example, if you sell "hand painted purple rocks", chances are you will get a very low search volume. On the other hand if you sell skin care products then you will get a very high search volume. 

Google, BING and Facebook make their advertiser user interface very user friendly. They want you to use their service and spend money. Systems are not automatically prepared to spend that budget efficiently.