City Planning in Rural Areas Of Gold Coast

The concepts of structural planning and development have been largely ignored in rural areas by planners and politicians. Urban planning has been in the spotlight for a number of reasons. In the coming decades, rural planning for regional communities as discussed in this paper will become increasingly important. With clear goals, measurable indicators and flexibility in city and community governance, planning can be a huge success. You can also get more information on urban planning in Gold Coast online via

urban planning, smart growth, and planned development; have all been buzzwords in the planning industry for some time. All terms tend to lend credence to the idea that the only governments that require effective planning and governance are geographic and economic cities. It also shows that these are areas where planning takes place on the threshold of modern state administration.

However, the issue of rural planning is rarely raised in serious discourse. For various reasons, this local authority is almost ignored. Many people living in rural areas may wonder why this is happening and what they are missing out on. It is reasonable to conclude that it has been neglected because urban problems only 'seem' bigger to planners.

While it is true that urban authorities face difficult problems, namely traffic, infrastructure, poverty, poor housing development and job loss, this of course does not mean that rural areas do not have their fair share of problems to deal with. In fact, perhaps Minnesota's rural problems have been neglected for so long because no one is willing to offer them a solution.