Bath Salt From Amazon – Best Bath Salts Online!

As a health food shopper, I have seen and tested quite a few types of bath salts online. I was surprised to see so many different ones on the market today.

But I found it a bit of a surprise to see so many new bath salt brands. I have not found any real scientific evidence to support the claim that a brand or two makes better salts than others. What I do know is that there are millions of people who are using these salts every day, most in health food stores and online.

So what makes a good bath salt? I am a big believer in consumerism and do not mind trying new things. There are several criteria for my criteria, and the criteria themselves are not definitive.

Some have claimed that by taking sea salt, you will lose weight. The counter-argument is that water contains lots of minerals and sodium makes your body retain water. My feeling is that while you can lose weight by drinking water, more is lost by urine, sweat, and other water loss.

Some people have said that salt in bath salt will help get rid of acne. Again, this is just anecdotal. Not many people have had any negative results. I've found the best thing to do is visit your doctor if you suspect that you may have an acne problem.

Are you looking for an increased level of moisture, even skin tone? Well, a big company like Johnson & Johnson has such a product.

In fairness, I have used Johnson & Johnson products and had great results. If you have skin allergies I would probably avoid their products. But, like all the big companies, they want you to try their products so they put a lot of advertising into the new product launches.

I also noticed that some of the bigger brands like Body Ecology, Universal Stearic, Pure Eau de Parfum, and Skin Refine have bath salt of their own. These brands are not too expensive. But you can find lower priced salts at your local health food store.

Some of the salts also have some very interesting, and deep-cleansing properties. Some have "green" dyes which make the salt look like mineral-based mud. It's also been claimed that these salts can kill the parasite that causes tapeworms in the human digestive tract.

This is a big surprise to me because the drug companies never seem to get it right. What's really ironic is that just last year, the FDA was forced to ban one such parasite-killing bath salt, because it was manufactured by a small company in France. Apparently, the company of the alleged bath salt had no idea that they were actually making a health food product, not a pharmaceutical one.

So how do you get the best bath salt? I recommend buying your bath salt from Amazon, and reading customer reviews and seeing which ones get great reviews.

After going through all of this research, I still use bath salt that I bought from Amazon. I am still a big fan of bath salts, because they not only smell great, but they have such amazing health benefits.