Advantages of high-quality multi-layer hybrid flooring

Hybrid flooring is one of the flooring innovations introduced to the Australian market, combining the advantages of both laminate and vinyl, as well as the beauty of wood flooring, and the result is a 100% waterproof rigid floating floor, which means it can be installed throughout the house, including the bathroom! You can find quality rugs in Sydney.

What are the advantages of the high-quality multi-layer hybrid that the floor has?

1. A strong surface is suitable for residential and commercial applications.

2. High impact resistance

3. replicate the beauty of real wood flooring

4. 100% waterproof

5. Low maintenance costs

6. Noise reduction with built-in layers underlying

7. Lack of expansion and contraction.

Those who have been looking for the look of natural wood flooring but are concerned about the higher cost of wood or cannot use it in wet areas, it is time to go for a hybrid, because it combines all the best attributes of the laminate technique. and vinyl with wooden floors,

The evolution in this floor means that you can use a hybrid floor in all areas of the house. In the Espada Collection, there is an exclusive early hybrid flooring option. $ 39.00 / m2 offered in a variety of Australia wood colors, for a variety of home styles and in various parts, including bathroom, laundry, and kitchen. 

Visit our flooring showroom today to see our latest flooring styles, including hybrids and wood flooring, and speak to our specialists who will guide you in finding the best floor in Sydney that suits your application.