Why Commercial Vehicle Inspection Is Important?

The Inspection Sticker is Ready to Expire

It is easy to check the expiry dates on safety inspection stickers. These stickers are required for every trailer that is licensed to be used on public roads. 

Every year, commercial trailers need to be reinserted. Repairs to trailers seem to increase near the expiry dates of these Winnipeg trailer inspection stickers. You can also search online to hire experts for commercial vehicle checking.

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Audible Air Leaks

These would be used on trailers with full or air-assisted brake systems. You can reduce the cost of major trailer repairs by addressing air leaks. Repairing air brakes at a shop is more cost-effective than fixing them on the side of the highway. Your brakes don't have to go.

Tire Defects

The condition of your trailer's tires can tell you if it is in good repair. To ensure that your trailer tires are not low or flat, inspect for leaks and bulges.

Breaks Not Working Well

Brakes are a common repair for trailers. Many people use trailer brakes in commercial vehicles, especially those with trailer brake handles. If your trailer brakes are equipped with an auto-adjust system, make sure they work. Otherwise, you could have out-of-service brakes that put additional strain on your Winnipeg truck brakes. Watch out for brake drums that fly off when repairs go beyond the scope of regular trailer repair and into criminal negligence.

Lights not working or flickering

Flickering lights or complete failure can result from an electrical short in your trailer. It could be the loose wiring harness of semi-commercial trailers. However, you can fix these issues before they cause an accident or are out of service.