Who is behind PodChatLive?

PodChatLive is a monthly online livestream show for podiatrists and other health professionals interested in the subject that is broadcast live on Facebook and it's also accessible later as a replay on YouTube, the website as well as the common podcast platforms such as iTunes and Spotify for the audio version. In each episode the two hosts have on one or more guests and examine a wide range of subjects of relevance to podiatry and the lower limb. Through the livestream, questions can be asked by those viewing during real time and the hosts and guests respond. The show has gathered an extensive following and is very well-liked among podiatrists.

The hosts of PodChatLive are Craig Payne and Ian Griffiths, both podiatrists. The show started off one night when Craig was visiting Ian and they went live from Ian’s kitchen to have a discussion live on Facebook about whatever came up. It was afterwards called PodChatLive when they noticed that it worked and they were developing a following. Craig is located in Australia and he runs the online community, Podiatry Arena and admins the online courses for the Clinical Biomechanics Bootcamp. Ian is a sports podiatrist London, UK. The livestream did start off as a weekly livestream, but as it is not monetized, it was way too much work for the hosts to keep it up, so after the initial year it was changed to a monthly livestream.

At times PodChatLive is about clinical topics such as injuries, other times it focusses on business issues like social media marketing. In other episodes the guest is someone renowned within the podiatry profession and they talk about a wide range of issues with that guest. Some episodes are a lot more popular than the others and at times the hosts get surprised exactly how popular some episodes are as they were not necessarily expecting that episode to be as popular as what it turned out being.