What is Divine Mother?

More recently, I have noticed a new openness to God's loving feminine energy. I'm not talking here about the feminist movement. I am referring to something much deeper than that. I'm talking about the spiritual energy of the Divine Mother. Many women today have realized their inner connection to the divine mother. You should know more about divine mother and its techniques at https://www.divinemother.com.au/ .

The women are enlightened reflects itself in that they have a fantastic spiritual power, has tremendous strength, and very aware of themselves and their emotions. A woman who has been developing these relationships knew how to take care of him. He cannot be manipulated, defined, or fully known.

What is the Divine Feminine Energy or Divine Mother?  Divine Mother, gone is the old doctrine that we are poor, born with defects, sins, etc., and that we must repent in order that God loves us. We can imagine the affection of a mother who would never turn away from their children, even when children do things that may be inappropriate or unacceptable.

The Divine Mother is always there with open arms. A wonderful way to practice the Divine Feminine energy in our lives today is to connect to our hearts. We must work to release past hurts and hatred. This feeling only block light entering our hearts Feminine Energy.

Another way to connect or reconnect to our hearts is "be in silence." Being in the silence of meditation is all about silent even when in the midst of intense activity of daily life.