Top Website Design Trends

Over the years, many new website design trends have disappeared: while some are down, some are getting off to very successful beginnings. Which website design trends are more than just weird? You can also seek the help of web design in Raleigh via to increase the efficiency of your website.

Let's say the obvious: Flat design is a website design trend right now! Flat design is everywhere! Thanks to Windows 8 from Microsoft and iOS 7 from Apple, flat design will continue to be a very influential trend in website design.

Another big trend is responsive design. Responsive design means that the layout of the website is adapted to elements such as the width of the device visitors are using to access the website.

Since multiple subdomains and duplicate content are no longer required, an added bonus to responsive design perception is increasing the website's on-search engine result pages.

Another trend in website design that mobile devices tend to influence is the proliferation of minimalist navigation.

To reduce the number of clicks required to navigate a website, designers use lightboxes, overlays, expandable, and sliding tiles to load as much content as possible without actually loading a latest web page.

Fixed navigation and general content on the newly designed website. Dynamic backgrounds, be they video or moving backgrounds, are also very modern now!