Top Tourists Attractions In Okinawa Japan

Okinawa Prefecture, located in Japan, is one of Japan's southern prefectures. It consists of hundreds of Ryukyu Islands in a chain of over 1,000km that runs southwest from Kyushu, Taiwan, and includes hundreds of them. 

Naha is the capital of this area and is located on Okinawa Island. The area is very popular and offers many tourist attractions. Many tourists come from all over the globe to have a peaceful and relaxing vacation. SpotTree is introducing spots on the main island and remote islands of Okinawa.

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Let me now tell you about the top tourist attractions of Okinawa, Japan.

1. Shuri CastleShuri Castle: a gusuku is located in Shuri (Okinawa). This was once a palace of the Ryukyu Kingdom. It was destroyed during the Battle of Okinawa. This palace was rebuilt in 1992 using historical records and original photos. The place is a popular tourist attraction in Okinawa. 

2. Nakagusuku Castle: Another gusuku is located in Okinawa, Japan. It is currently in ruins. Sakinakagusuku Aji was built this place in the middle of the 14th century. Gosamaru added to it in the early part of the 15th century. Six baileys make up the castle, each one at a different elevation. Six courtyards were also found in this castle, which was used to protect forts.

3. Shikinaen Garden: This was the second residence of the Ryukyu Kings and was constructed at the end 17th century. The garden is surrounded by Japanese-style gardens and simple wooden palace buildings. This stunning garden can be viewed from a circular path.

There are many more places to visit in Okinawa and you can find them all at spottree.