The Lightweight But Warm Cashmere Cardigan

The style of the cashmere cardigan sweater has been at the uppermost level of men's and women's clothing styles since it first appeared in the late 1800s. 

Generally, the cardigan is made of wool or cotton, but less expensive sweaters are made of acrylic. The V-neck is probably the most popular of cardigan designs today. The use of cardigans has come to take the place of the traditional waistcoat or vest worn under a blazer or suit jacket.

The best mens luxury cardigan sweaters enjoy the traditional style, but it also appreciates the lightweight characteristic of the downy wool that grows beneath the coarse outer hair of the Kashmir goat. 

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The downy wool is a hair that has a lofty feel and natural crimp. The wool is gathered by combing the goat rather than clipping it. Each goat can only produce just a few ounces of wool each year. That makes for an expensive, but highly desirable material. 

The fiber's natural crimp allows the wool to be spun into a lightweight fabric. The finished product features an unusual softness to skin and lightness of weight, but extreme warmth.

Women's cashmere cardigan sweater features:

– Half-sleeve design

– Jersey Knit

– Crewneck, Ribbed Neckline

– Button-Down Closure with a Ribbed Waistband

– Ribbed Hem

Men's cashmere cardigan sweater features:

– Smooth-line collar and ribbed cuffs

– Twin front pockets with ribbed edging

– 2-ply Cashmere

– Five Mother-of-Pearl buttons

– Optional zipper closure in place of the button-down version