Root Trimming A Cannabis Mother Plant

Pruning the roots of your parent plant is easy. Remove the plant from the pot. The root ball is a nearly dense square bearing with tangled roots. Remove loose compost from the top of the ball.

Take a sharp, clean knife and cut between half an inch and an inch on each side and bottom. Place clean potting compost at the bottom of the pot.

Place the plant back in the pot and cover the sides with new soil. Water and feed it well and it will bounce in no time. You can also get marijuana clones online.

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Feed your mother's plants

Don't feed your mother marijuana. He needs good quality, nitrogen-rich food. Look for something on the 8-2-4 or 6-2-4 label and feed it half the recommended dosage.

Always use your own observations about what you read. Pay attention to your mother's plants. If it shows signs of overeating or malnutrition, act accordingly. If it shows signs of fatigue, practice pruning the roots described above first.

If that doesn't help, you can prune it back to three or four main growing stalks and with the root structure established it should be revived. So, you above steps are important to flow.