Keep your old landline number

There are several reasons why you might need to get a new phone or cellphone number. Relocation, stolen or lost telephone, damaged service (module), and operator changes only among the main reasons why. Changing your phone number to a new one can be very disturbing because you have to tell the people you know and update your contact information about the various services or legal documents that you have. Fortunately, there are several ways you can take to keep your old telephone number.

How to Transfer a Landline Number to a Cell Phone in 3 Steps

Contact your service provider. Telephone companies allow telephone line transfers from one place to another. What will happen is that they will only transfer your existing line to the area where you move to instead of creating a new telephone line. On the other hand, not all home phones can be transferred for this reason:

The area you want your land transferred is not covered by your telephone company. Telephone companies may not have existing services for areas where you want your phone to be transferred.

The place you move is just far. Having your service transferred to different circumstances is not so ideal.

Request a line transfer. Customer service will notify you if your phone can be transferred. If possible, you can start asking for the transfer line. State where you want to move the existing service and fill in some documents that might be needed by your telephone company.

Wait for your  phone to be transferred. It might take a few days or weeks depending on where you want your line to be moved to and if there is a slot available on the system where your service can be squeezed.

Also, standard costs such as installation and relocation costs may apply depending on your service provider.