Identifying The Reasons Behind A Wet Basement

The damp basement can cause you to suffer a significant loss of money and time and decrease the value of your house. There are many factors that can trigger issues and call for a basement waterproofing company in Erie PA. To resolve this problem, it's advised to identify the reasons behind it. 

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The first symptom is condensation. It usually occurs when warm air is brought to the cool basement's walls. When it begins to cool the droplets that form cause the basement to become wet. It is much easy to repair condensation, compared to leaks. All one has to do is to find what is the cause of moisture creating the basement to become damp. 

Additionally, it is important that all air vents must be left open in order to improve the circulation of air and prevent moisture from entering the basement. Remediating a damp basement caused by leaky roofing can be quite difficult.

Most of the time, the roof that leaks are the source of the issue. Rainwater from the gutters and downspouts, in the event that they're working properly, could flow towards your home's foundation, creating a water flow through the drains. 

Another, reason for wet basements is when tiny rivers develop and flow toward the home's foundation. You can stop this from occurring by rerouting the river from flowing towards your house and sealing it with weatherproof caulk joints that connect the walkways and driveways that are exposed to rainwater. Repairing a basement with water damage is expensive, so it is essential to stop the cause from ever entering your basement.