How To Protect Your House From Stink Bugs Pest Control

Stink Bugs, a fascinating example of how seemingly harmless species can travel the world and take on the forms of pests in countries they have never been found in. These bugs, which travel along packaged goods and hitchhike, have caused havoc across continents. 

Their population is increasing year by year without any natural predators in this part of the globe, causing damage to crops and affecting everyday’s life with their stinky presence. You can also visit to presidio pest management to get more detail about stink bug pest control.

stink bug pest control

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Stink bugs are resistant to common insecticides, and they can spread quickly making it difficult to control. To prevent serious consequences, it is important to know the dos and don'ts.

What shouldn't be done?

They should never be squished or stomped on, crushed, or stamped under any circumstances. The smell of their stench is difficult to eliminate as they release it whenever they feel alarmed. To prevent stink attacks, it is best to avoid any man-handling.

What can be done?

Vacuuming can be a great way to eliminate any bugs from your home. Vacuum bags should be handled with care. Although it does not kill insects, the bag can cause them to release their odors which could make the entire process pointless. It is important to dispose of the gathered bugs quickly.