How To Properly Clean Your Toilet

Dirty urinals are nightmare items. How many times have you walked into a public bathroom on a long trip and decided you could wait a little longer? Make sure you clean the toilet correctly at home to avoid germs and bacteria and to make sure your guests continue to visit your home. To know more you can search for chemical toilet additive clear from online sources.

Follow steps to make sure you keep your toilet clean. The net in this must be done every week to assure that you prevent bacteria or dirt increase.

The first step – Don your best rubber gloves!

Cutwater to the toilet, close the lid, and give flush. It will empty the toilet water bowl so you can clean it correctly.

Clean the bowl that is now empty first. Pour the chemical toilet of your choice, and try to get it as close as possible by the rim. Give a good rub across with a toilet brush or scrubbing sponge (only used for this purpose, clear!).

Use a toothbrush to ensure that you wake up to the edge of the toilet and to all areas that are difficult to reach are hard to clean. We know, it's not fun. If you do it once and save this routine every week, it will be fast and easy to release the dirt.

Remember to clean the toilet seat too.

The handle traps between the bowl and closes the toilet so that the feather floated above the toilet bowl. Pour a little bleach over the fur, and let it sit for a few minutes. Finally, pour the clean water jug over the feathers and return it to the stand.