How To Choose The Right Option For Your Event

When it comes to choosing a name badge for your next meeting or event, your host should give it some thought. As an example:

  • What type and size do you need?

  • Is your meeting a multi-day event or one-day event?

  • Will the badge be reusable, temporary, or kept as a keepsake?

If you need help designing your custom shaped name badge, you've come to the right place. Check out the following types of name badges and learn how to use them for different event scenarios.

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1) Event badge

These badges can even contain all the information you need to see, including participant names, barcode, and QR codes – even special programs and cards on the other hand.

2) Vinyl paper insert

A proven and real option: vinyl holders and paper enclosures offer the perfect combination of high-quality appearance, adaptability and long service life for meetings lasting several days. No wonder this combination remains the label with the meeting organizer's name!

3) Temporary badge with the name

Temporary name tags are the ideal choice for quick or informal meetings. Participants and organizations that offer "green" meeting materials will love it because it produces less waste. They're also great for impromptu meetings,  tight budgets, and last-minute attendees who still need a text – all with the sophistication of a nice badge.