How to care for your Case Hunting Knife

A case hunting knife is a specific type of hunting knife designed for skinning and butchering game animals. It has a long, thin blade that is also curved inward. This design allows the knife to slip easily into the flesh of an animal without pulling too much skin or muscle with it. 

A case hunting knife at Cherry Cutlery is a specialized type of knife designed for use in hunting big game. The blade is typically longer and wider than a standard hunting knife, and the handle is thicker to provide more strength and stability when handling big game.

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Here are some tips on how to care for your Case Hunting Knife: 

1. Keep the knife sharpened regularly. A sharp blade will make cutting and slicing easier and more accurate.

2. Avoid using the knife on hard materials or objects. The blade could become chipped or damaged.

3. Do not use the knife underwater or in extreme weather conditions, as these environments could damage the blade.

Different Types of Case Hunting Knives:

1- The Bowie Knife is a classic case hunting knife that is designed for precision cuts. It is a large knife with a long, straight blade that is easy to handle. The Bowie Knife is not ideal for cutting through thick brush, but it is perfect for precision cuts. 

2- The Bushcraft Knife is a smaller version of the Bowie Knife and has a sleek design. It is perfect for cutting through thick brush and can also be used for precision cuts. The Bushcraft Knife is not as durable as the Bowie Knife, so it is not ideal for heavy use. 

3- The survival knife is an all-around case hunting knife that can be used for precision cuts, slicing, and chopping.