How Does The FCU(Fan Coil Unit) Work?

With a long list of different types of air conditioners for every home and office, it seems confusing for most people to choose the right module. From standard window and cassette types to split-inverter air conditioners.

But in addition to the common types of air conditioners we are all familiar with, there are another popular option that seems elusive but widespread – fan air conditioning units (FCUs). These are self-contained air conditioners that are responsible for circulating air current in small spaces but are sometimes part of a complete HVAC system. The best residential fan coil unit is also used in a variety of configurations, with the most common being set up and used in floor and ceiling configurations.

How does FCU work?

The FCU acts as a fan, collecting and circulating air in the room and then in the unit by blowing it with cooling or heating coils. During this process, air exits the device, which may be cooler or hotter than before.

Don't be fooled by this seemingly complicated process – the FCU is a simple machine consisting of just cooling or heating coil and a fan. Compared to air conditioning units, fan coils are less cumbersome and bulky. This is a unique air conditioner that can stand and work independently to circulate air without an air duct.

In addition, most fan coil units work by controlling the room temperature using cold or hot water circulation. Often this water is drawn from a central plant that is equipped with the necessary equipment such as cooling towers and water heaters. The two then give off heat and produce suitable hot water.