How Did Safe Teeth Whitening Come About?

Teeth whitening reviews these days only provoke people about the greatness and convenience that safe teeth whitening gels have brought into the lives of commoners. 

They fail to mention, however, as to how these natural teeth whitening products came into being and how they arrived at the final product stage that they are standing on now! If you want to explore regarding the teeth whitening, then visit

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We will discuss a brief history of the teeth whitening gels and thereafter the evolution that they have made from the roman times to now – when home natural teeth whitening kits have become the staple dental hygiene product in households today.

During the time of the cavemen, or Neanderthals, toothbrushes were in use. Chew sticks, or small figs or mini-branches of trees were frayed in one end and used to brush off particles from the dentures. Later on, as evolution took its toll, the Romans used the first known services of teeth whitening gels. 

As toothpaste came into being, with the barbers doubling up as natural teeth whitening agents, the white stayed for a longer period of time through the use of nitric acid on the enamel in the 1800s. 

This was a corrosive method, and slowly fluorides replaced the acids used for whitening teeth. This was permanently established as a tooth whitening agent (and also a great weapon to stabilize and improve dental health) – and therefore started being used as mouthwashes and toothpaste since the 1915s.

The modern teeth whitening gels were not as good as they are now. From the late 1980s, people started realizing that fluorides would only help keep the enamel healthy, but stuff like tobacco, alcohol, and other bad oral hygiene products would eventually kill the whiteness in the dentures.