Godox LED Macro Ring Light for Macro Photography

Godox ML-150 provides the perfect light source for close-up shots, particularly on dental, jewelry, forensic, scientific, macro photography, and other macro images that work especially well. You can also buy Spectrums 19″ LED ring light from various online sources.

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It can be set from the camera's hot shoe, which is used as illumination for the eyes. With higher performance CPU control circuitry, precise control of power output can make your photography more comfortable.

The key features related to this Godox Macro ring flash

(1) 6 x adapter rings included. (49mm / 52mm / 55mm / 58mm / 62mm / 67mm)

(2) The specially designed ring silhouette is ideal for macro photography (close-ups)

(3) This light includes a dual-function power supply design that allows you to use 2 AA batteries or DC power.

(4) This light fixture provides constant illumination (does not flicker); constant lighting allows you to manage vulnerability easily

(5) Accepts an external power pack to shorten the recycling period and improve the display ability

(6) 5 measures power output driver: 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1/1, along with the requirements of mild to Satisfy Unique

(7) Strong Flash Index – ISO100 Status Indicator 10

(8) With a fast credit gap and PC timing hole; Using the sync cable to connect the camera to the Attain Synchronous Shutter

(9) Plus, it's great for portrait photography.

This lighting unit provides continuous illumination (no flickering) and remains low temperature even using continuously as LEDs are low-temperature luminaires. Continuous lighting also allows you to manage the exposure easily and enables more effective lighting of the subject during macro photography.