Choosing the Best Laptop Stand for the Home or Office

A laptop stand is a useful accessory to raise the height of the laptop to a more favorable working position. But, it is important to buy the right type of stand to match the intended use. It is mainly split into three different types: ultra-light, portable, and desktop.

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The ultra-light stand is a practical choice for the small notebook and laptops and built for on-the-go professionals. The lightweight build means they are very easy to carry and collapse flat or into a very small package.


The portable stand is useful for those workers that wish to occasionally change their work location. Most have adjustable features to maintain a comfortable ergonomic posture. They are compact enough for the laptop bag but slightly bigger and heavier than the ultra-light units.


The desktop stands are intended for the permanent setup to provide the most comfortable working position. They look the most stylish and made in materials like wood and metal. Plus, with no need to be portable, these stands can feature extras like USB hubs, document holders, or cooling fans.

Height adjusting

The ability to adjust the height of the laptop stand is practical for a variety of reasons. A major reason to place the laptop at the right height is to create a comfortable working position. This can significantly help to lower the risk the neck, wrist, and back strain.