Book an Airport Lounge & Relax in Stress-Free Comfort Before You Fly

The airport can be one of the most stressful parts of traveling abroad. After you've checked in, you will spend the rest of your time waiting in a lounge surrounded by expensive shops selling overpriced snacks and drinks.

You can book a VIP heliport sitting room to make your holiday trip extra special. Enjoy free drinks, snacks, and magazines while you escape the bustle of an airport terminal up to three hours prior to your flight.

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What can I expect from an airport lounge?

  • To be treated as a VIP
  • Complimentary snacks and beverages
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Soft furnishings and comfortable chairs
  • Business desks
  • Televisions

These lounges offer style and comfort at a very affordable price and aren't just for business class passengers. Some lounges welcome families. 

You may be able to save money by using a VIP airport lounge even though you will need to pay. You may find that the VIP airport lounge is less expensive than the public departure lounge if you don't normally purchase food and drink.

Pre-booking an airport lounge allows you to use it up to three hours before your flight. You can also make use of the toilets and showers.

These are just some of the many benefits of pre-booking:

Do not wait in line and pay for food or drink in the terminal. Instead, take advantage of the complimentary drinks and snacks available in the lounge

Relax and unwind in a peaceful atmosphere before you take off and get on your way to a great holiday.

Do not spend time at departures looking at a flight screen and crowds. Instead, go to a lounge to make the most of the entertainment. You can find business facilities for your customers, and you can also find a relaxed environment for your leisure guests.