Blue Gemstones For Spring Fashion

When you look at spring colors this year you will be amazed by the blue color palette and gemstone selection. Who doesn't love blue gemstones? This soft pastel blue opens up several great options for setting gemstones. 

This universal blue crystal stone is ideal for placing in chambers for lumps and rings. Due to the limited quantity you receive, the price will go up a lot so hurry up shopping. Larimar, a rare type of blue pectolite, exists only in the Dominican Republic.

Some ranmar came out in green which looked very popular. It's perfect for Pantone's other blue spring color, Blue Curacao. It's fun and dandy compared to its darker cousin. Pale aquamarine can be used, but the variety of greenery is so small that it may not completely match. 

The tones of the regatta might spark my love for London blue topaz, an inexpensive alternative to aquamarine that has never really gone out of style but is poised to see a very healthy revival this year with the Pantone option.

Turquoise color is possible, but here, variation can also make matching difficult. There will be dark blue topaz, tanzanite, sapphire, and lapis. Keep in mind that crystals will be hot this spring and summer and craft artists will have a lot of fun with Pantone's lovely blue palette this year. 

This blue trend has lifted the mood. It's going to be an exciting year for blue. Other options bordering on the unusual are Spessartine, Apatite, Light Green Circon, maybe some variations of Tourmaline and Azurite.