Benefits of Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy

Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy (PRP) is an innovative treatment that relieves pain and speeds up healing. PRP is a treatment that uses your own tissue for healing. There will be no complications from antibodies reacting to it.

The benefits of PRP are apparent in the musculoskeletal treatment for the body, including the knee, shoulders, spine, and hip. It is a non-surgical treatment that involves a clinical dose of concentrated platelets that you can check out on 5 LINE BIOLOGICS website. It carries a much lower risk than conventional surgery.

Low risk

Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy is non-surgical and has a very low risk. It uses the patient's cells to aid in healing, which reduces the risk of your immune system reacting to foreign antibodies. PRP uses blood with a high amount of platelet cells. These cells are rich in healing factors that speed up the process and attract stem cells.

Treatment time is short

This treatment is also much quicker than other types of treatments. The entire process takes approximately one hour to two hours. The procedure is performed in a low-risk environment and does not require downtime. You can see your doctor during lunch and then go back to work right away after the treatment. This procedure does not require anesthesia or lengthy hospital stays.

Your doctor visits should be minimal

For PRP therapy, you don't need to make multiple visits. Three injections are usually required within six months. Many patients find relief with just two injections, and the injections are spaced out three weeks apart. This will decrease the need for follow-up visits.