App Design Tips You Should Know

These application design tips are based on experience and have been found useful by software designers. But it's also worth reading for your customers, owners of software products. 

Knowing these nuances is helpful in better understanding the project, the users, and how the application will work. In addition, it gives the opportunity to avoid many mistakes, to give the design a good start. If you’re looking for professional app designers in Ireland then go to

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1) The design itself is not the purpose. The purpose is to provide the user with the best way to solve a peculiar task, with the minimum time and attention required.

2) The minimalist design is much appreciated: it is not distracting, easier to understand, and allows users to focus on the functional and practical use of the application.

3) When an average user gets familiar with an app, the first thing they check is how consistent it works, and how easy it is to navigate.

4) Each icon/button has a direct functional meaning. But it is always good when it has a beautiful and attractive design.

5) If you have, for example, an icon/button on a screen, users will definitely pay attention to your design. If there is excessive use, the design of each icon is likely to get lost in the whole colorful image.

6) While smartphone screens are small, cramming buttons to reduce the number of screens can be lethal.

7) There is always a main button with the main function, used first, the one that is touched most often. This button should be placed at the bottom of the screen, where it can be easily reached with your thumb.