All About Root Canal Treatment

The very first step in curing root canal is taking X-rays of the infected tooth to ascertain the form of the main canals and also to see whether there are any symptoms of disease then numbing the tooth by injecting anesthesia. You can also get laser root canal at

Then, the dentist may use dental gum (a thin sheet of plastic or rubber) to isolate the infected tooth in the mouth to keep the tooth moist. 

Using specific instruments, the lifeless pulp, nerves, and cells together with bacteria and other debris, are all eliminated by flushing with water with sodium hypochlorite.


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At the next thing of therapy is using a rubber-like substance called gutta-percha together with a glue known as the gel is utilized to fill the main canals and then seal them. A crown can be placed over the tooth to steer clear of any disease or contamination in the long run. 

The last procedure may include the recovery of the tooth by completing the entire work using a crown to help stop it from additional breaking or harm.  Your dentist will inform you if you want any other dental procedure. Following the treatment, an antibiotic will be prescribed that you take to stop the disease.