A Look at the Different Types of Chat Bots

What is a website chatbot? A chatbot is a computer program used in conjunction with an internet application, such as IRC, to run an online chat session through a text-to-speech or text-to-video application, rather than providing direct human contact with another person. Chat bots were first created in the early 2000s and have come a long way since then. Today's chat bots are sophisticated affairs, capable of syncing up with user's email accounts, instant messengers, and social media profiles to provide users with results that are often accurate, relevant, and pretty humorous.

A lot of what makes these chat bots so popular comes from their uncanny ability to learn from mistakes. This is in stark contrast to traditional, paper-based methods of communication, where mistakes are far too often tolerated. Paper based chat Bots would simply be a message in the inbox, never seen by another human. However, with the help of machine learning, a modern chatbot can be taught to recognize and delete messages it doesn't recognize, such as spam. Even better, this recognition engine can also give the bot the ability to discern which messages look threatening, and which ones are just plain funny, according to a pre-set code of conducts.

What is so unique about a chatbot, other than its ability to learn, respond, and delete messages in a different way than a human? Well, one thing that is common to all of these chat bots, whether they are known as chat bots or ELIS, is that they use a form of artificial intelligence called Natural Language Processing (MLP). Basically, this technology enables these machines to understand and execute sentences that have been provided by the users themselves, as well as ones they have been taught in a class or through other means. This means that an aspiring computer programmer who wants to create an intelligent chat bot for communication purposes, no longer needs to be concerned about learning a particular set of programming or machine learning principles in order to get his program to communicate in this manner.

Chat Bots are not limited to use cases that involve the delivery of specific messages to designated recipients. They are capable of general conversation. In fact, the most popular chatbot on the market today, Rosinne, is able to interact with its users on a one-on-one basis. A person who chooses to purchase a chatbot would have an automated program that allows him to design a virtual meeting with someone he knows well, or even with a virtual employee from a company he works for. Rosinne uses natural language processing algorithms, as well as proprietary software that interacts with her user in real time, in order to complete transactions.

Unlike other chat bots, an artificially intelligent chatbot does not need a great deal of initial training. Users simply have to instruct the chatbot on the proper use of terms like "buy", in order to make the bot buy the product they are searching for. Once a chatbot has been properly trained, it will be able to perform on its own without requiring any specific guidance or supervision from its owners or operators. This allows a user to put together whatever system he deems to be most efficient for his particular purposes.

Unlike other chat Bots, Eliza is not strictly a chatbot. She is a web browser with artificial intelligence. Like most web browsers, Eliza works by having conversations with website chatbot in the process. The difference lies in the way that Eliza's artificial intelligence allows her to interact with these conversations. Unlike most chat Bots, Eliza can provide users with direct answers to their queries, and can also provide information based on pre-programmed topics.

Another example of a chatbot that works both as a real individual and as a Messenger Bot is Ivy. This artificially intelligent chatbot, which was developed by Twitter's developers, uses both natural language processing algorithms and artificial intelligence to carry out all of its interactions. This means that while it is still mostly alive, Ivy is capable of recognizing and executing different commands. This is in contrast to most other chat bots which, while still online, simply perform generic actions without having any regard for the circumstances behind their requests. In addition, Eliza acts as a virtual assistant in that it can perform tasks such as sending out emails, forwarding messages, scheduling meetings, and browsing webpages.

All of these examples of chatbot technologies work primarily through the utilization of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence refers to the ability of a machine or program to function based on patterns or "algorithms" that have been carefully programmed into the machine. Unlike common, run of the mill chat Bots, Eliza and Ivy utilize their artificial intelligence in much the same way that an online assistant would. This means that they will perform tasks based on pre-programmed conversations and will respond to specific questions.